Monday, May 26, 2008

So long Shreveport!

It has been three weeks since we came to Louisiana and so far we have spent the whole time in Shreveport. We are finally figuring out the city and can find our way almost anywhere . . . at least the important places like Walmart and Quiznoes. But this week we are moving east and will be staying in the towns of Ruston and Monroe Louisiana. I thought I should post some pictures of things we have done since we have been here in Shreveport.
Our fist adventure was to an alligator zoo. They had tons and tons of alligators that you could get really close to. They were kind of boring and just sat in the sun hardly moving. When the guy came to feed them it was really cool because they were jumping out of the water and climbing on top of each other just to get some food. There were also some other animals at the zoo that we saw.
Our favorite place here in Shreveport has been the Louisiana boardwalk. There is a huge river that runs right through the middle of downtown. On one side of the river is this really neat outside mall with tons of outlet stores (like Gap!) and restaurants and a movie theater. It was really pretty and just fun to walk around. We saw the movies Chronicles of Narnia two and the new Indiana Jones. I also got four sweaters at Gap for 25 dollars!
This past weekend we went to the "Mudbug Madness festival." It was just a bunch of people who get together and boil crawfish and drink. We only stayed for like 30 minutes because not only did the crawfish look disgusting, but it was soooo hot and humid out, we were all dripping sweat.
We had today off for Memorial Day, so we decided to go to this interactive science museum. It was actually pretty entertaining. Dan loved it and his favorite part was building this huge domino track.
Besides all that we have been getting the hang of our job, watching TV, and swimming in the pool. It has been a lot of fun and it seems like we have just been on vacation since school got out. I was really sad to miss Quincy's wedding and I wish I could have seen everyone that was there!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Our engagement story

So Emily tagged me to tell our engagement story. Since I said I was going to blog regularly, I better respond to "tagging". Dan and I had went and looked at rings, but I didn't know if he had the ring yet, or not. It was just a regular night during the summer in Billings, August 8th to be exact. We went to a surprise birthday party at Candace Jones' house. Then we came back to my house to watch a movie and cuddle (one of our favorite things to do back then) We went out on the trampoline to look at the stars and talk. Dan left to go home at about midnight. So I went upstairs and got ready for bed and laid down to fall asleep. About fifteen minutes later it sounded like someone was throwing rocks at my window. I ignored it because I didn't know what to think. So finally after about five minutes of rocks being thrown at my window, I look out and there is Dan! So I go downstairs in my pajamas and there is Dan with a bouquet of flowers. He told me he forgot to give me something and I gave him a hug and I really thought that was it. Then he said that he wanted me to pick out something. He pulled out three different little ring boxes. At that point I knew what was going on and got really excited. I realized that I still had my retainer in my mouth, and since I knew there would be some kissing going on later I said "wait just a second right there" Then I ran inside at took out my retainer then ran back out side. Dan opened up the three boxes. Inside one of them was a ringpop, and the other two had really bright, shiny rings! So I picked one and Dan got down on one knee and said some really sweet stuff and we were both a little teary eyed, and then he asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes! We just talked in my front yard until about three in the morning. It was really cute and definately a surprise! Okay so now I am going to tag Ashley, Chelsea, Andrea, and Lacee!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm back!

Hello everyone! So I know that most of you probably gave up on me and never check our blog anymore, but I have finally decided to start blogging on a regular basis now that school is over! A lot of exciting events have taken place lately. Dan and I finished this semester up just a couple of weeks ago. I am so excited for us to actually have free time to spend together. I graduated from BYU with my Dietetics degree! Although I do have to go back next year to complete an internship in order for me to be a dietitian. Since Dan has to go back to school in the fall it will work out just great. After graduation we went home to Billings for a week to visit our families. We slept in, ate home cooked meals, and bummed around. It was wonderful. We also stayed with my sister Ashley for a night and Dan's sister Katy for a couple of nights. It was really fun to spend that time with our families. Right now I am sitting in a hotel in Shreveport, Louisiana where we will be spending most of the summer! Dan and I are working for this company that audits government nutrition programs. I did this last summer in Texas, and this summer both Dan and I are working for this company all around Louisiana, Georgia, and maybe Virginia! We are really excited for this little adventure. We have been in Louisiana since Monday and have already adjusted to the humidity! Dan loves it. It is also really really green here. We have worked for three days doing these nutrition reviews at daycares. I am sure I will have plenty of interesting stories to blog about. We are definately the minority here and have visited daycares with names like Christ's Baptist Temple (Holiness) U.S.A. Let's just say we're not in Montana or Utah anymore!