Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had a very merry Christmas here in Billings! We ate lots of good food, played lots of games, watched movies and relaxed. On Christmas eve we went to my grandma's house and did our usual Christmas eve traditions. Here is Dan and I and Chelsea and Cody. Below is my mom and dad. That is probably the only picture I will ever get with my dad in a bobcat hat!

Santa came to visit and all the big kids got to sit on his lap, including my sister Molly.

Here is my brother Dallin with our cute cousins. He is quite the ladies man (mostly with girls that aren't related to us though!)

Those are pretty much the only picture I took over the holidays. We have done a lot of relaxing though! I am waiting to start my new job at the health department and Dan is on the job hunt. Right now he is traveling around Pennsylvania for a couple of weeks working for the company we worked for during the summers.