Friday, November 7, 2008


For those of you who don't know, I am doing my Dietetic internship this school year through BYU. I am doing different rotations at different hospitals and clinics until May when I can take the Registered Dietitian exam and be a real Dietitian. So far I have really really enjoyed it. For the first couple of months I managed a little cafe on campus where I ordered all of the food and helped with developing recipes. For the past couple of weeks, I have started my clinical rotation at Utah Valley hospital. It has been really cool, and makes me excited to be able to work in a hospital when I am done with my internship. The most exciting thing of my internship was my trip to Chicago a couple of weeks ago with my Dietetics buddies. It was the American Dietetic Association's annual conference and expo. BYU paid for us to spend a few days in Chicago, and although I missed Dan a ton, I had lots of fun with my girlfriends. We went to the conference during the day where we learned lots in classes and got tons of free food and random junk from the expo! There were so many free granola bars and food samples, we fed some of the homeless people in Chicago with our samples while we walked down the streets! By the end of the conference, we knew what stands had the best samples, and who gave away the neatest pens, vitamins, and teaching tools! Needless to say, we only ate out for dinner, which included Chicago style pizza and hotdogs. We went on a boat tour through the city to see all of the neat architecture. We stayed right across the street from Grant Park (where Obama gave his acceptance speech) There is the really neat reflective bean as well as other kind of weird pieces of "art" in the park that we took pictures at. We also went to a Natural History museum and did some shopping on the magnificent mile. It was freezing cold in Chicago and super, super windy. I was glad to come home to 70 degree weather in Utah, and Dan of course!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

So I have been a slacker at updating my blog because my camera is broken. However, we spent Halloween with Chelsea and Cody, so Chelsea took some cute pictures that she let me borrow. We went to our ward's Trunk or Treat. I have to say our trunk was the coolest! It was a monster mouth and we made the kids reach in his "mouth" to take a piece of candy. Cody has a sub woofer (spelling?) in his trunk and it was beating which made the monster even scarier. The night before halloween our home teacher told us that he had an alligator suit we could borrow. Of course we couldn't turn that down, so I was an alligator and Dan was Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter. After the trunk or treat we went to a party and carved pumpkins and ate treats! It was really fun. I made the witches brew which included a green ice cube hand!