Sunday, June 6, 2010

Wedding, Birthday, and Olympics!

Last weekend was super busy and fun! On Friday it was McKenna's wedding. It was a busy day! They got married at the temple at three, and then I went around with them and the photographer taking pictures. It was a fun job except for it was freezing cold! Everyone was complaining that it was colder than the day Dan and I got married. It was rainy and misty and about 40 degrees the whole day. McKenna and McKay didn't seem to mind though! Then we had the reception at the Billings Depot that night. It looked so beautiful. I didn't take too many pictures that day because I was busy running around, but it was super fun! I was so excited because Dan and his brothers sang the Billy Joel song "For the Longest time" at the reception. Here is a picture of McKenna and Annie after she caught the bouquet.

This is Dan's aunt Cyd, her girls, and our nieces Anna and Elizabeth outside the temple.
The on Saturday it was Rylee's birthday! Andrew and Ashley came for the weekend and we spent some time with them. Molly and Tara made Rylee a Candyland cake--it was so cute! Rylee loved it.
Dan's sister Katy and her girls are here in Billings for a couple of weeks, so yesterday we decided to have family Olympics. We played the Wii, air hockey, had a brain-a-thon, and an obstacle course. Here is Dan with Jane. He is so cute with our nieces and nephews. I love to watch him play with them.
Here is Katy and Matt facing off in Wii sword fighting. I have to admit that I won that event, but Dan took the gold overall.
Besides having fun with our families Dan and I have just been working. I can't believe it is already June! This summer is going by so fast!