Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gettysburg and Mt. Vernon

So I thought I would catch up on the rest of our summer. We went to Pennsylvania for 3 weeks to audit daycare nutrition programs again. It was a good little summer adventure! Our highlights of the trip were going to see Mount Vernon and Gettysburg. They were both really neat! There was so much to see at Mt Vernon and they had a neat museum with George's fake teeth. At Gettysburg we drove around to all the battlefields and they have like a million monuments for each battalion or troop, and each state has a monument too. There was also a really cool museum there too. We got to see Katy and Sean and their girls, which was really fun. The pictures above are the monument where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address and one of the battlefields.
Here we are at a different battle field. Dan is suppose to be trying to shoot me but he didn't do a very good job posing for the picture :)

This was at Mt. Vernon. Dan with our little nieces. How cute

In front of George's house. We took a tour through the house too. It overlooks the Delaware river and is so pretty!
We got back from Pennsylvania the Friday before school started so it was a little crazy getting back to Provo and moved back into our apartment. It is our last semester at BYU and I am sooo excited! Then the plan is to move back to Billings for awhile. So there is an update for the few people who still check our blog!