Friday, April 10, 2009

Primary Children's and New York!

This past week I finished up my second clinical rotation at Primary Children's hospital is Salt Lake. It was a really good experience, and I got to see lots of cute little sick kids. It actually made me paranoid to have kids because I saw how many different diseases affect childen! I spent time on the infant unit, neurotrauma unit, and the ICU. I gave a case study presentation today and turned in a huge report, and it feels good to be done! The next two months I just have little rotations at the State health department, a WIC clinic, Salt Lake aging services, and the food stamp program in Utah county. At the end of May I will be all finished and ready to take the RD exam!
In June, Dan and I are going to New York City for a couple of months! We are sooooo excited. We are going to be working for the same company that we did last summer, auditing daycares. The fact that we will be doing it in New York makes it so much cooler! So if anyone wants to take a trip this summer, you can come visit us and have a free place to stay in New York!