Monday, September 26, 2011


So I guess I am still a bad blogger even when I have an adorable little girl to take pictures of! We have taken way more pictures in the past two months, I have just been too busy/lazy to blog them! The first pictures was not posed! We just caught her sleeping like this. The next picture of Lucy and Dan sleeping is also extremely adorable!
On August 28th, Dan gave Lucy a beautiful blessing. It was such a special day and she was a little angel all day.

Over labor day weekend we took a trip to Utah and Lucy met two sets of great grandparents, plus all of her cousins and aunts and uncles!
Rylee and Reese got to meet their first cousin! They couldn't keep their hands off of her!
Lucy with her great grandparents (Dan's grandparents)

The whole Stewart and Kelly Kirkpatrick family!

Lucy has done so much growing up! She smiles all the time at Dan and I and makes all sorts of cute noises as she tries to talk to us. These next few pictures are from this past week. I think she looks just like Dan in this first picture.

These two pictures are a couple of my favorites! I love it when she is so happy!
Lucy just looking cute in her little jean jumper. We had a little girls night out and went to the Relief Society broadcast.
I love the cheesy grin along with the double chin!
Lucy has also got to spend lots of time with her grandmas the past couple of weeks because I went back to work part time. It has been so sad to leave her but I know she is getting taken good care of! Dan also went back to school this semester to get ready to apply to medical school. We are doing really well and love having a little family!