Sunday, May 16, 2010


So I know it has been like five months since I posted last, and I always make goals that I am going to blog more often but usually it doesn't happen. So I won't make any promises! It has been super busy, but things are starting to calm down. This past semester went by so fast. Some of the highlights were a weekend trip to Las Vegas with McKenna (Dan's sister) and her fiance McKay, and I got to go to Washington D.C. with my public health program. It was a super fun to see all of the sights. We are actually home in Billings for the summer. Dan is working at Western Security Bank and I am doing an internship with the health department for my public health program. It has been so nice to have our evenings free to hang out with our families and do relaxing things like watch TV! McKenna is getting married in less than two week here in Billings, so we have been helping with all the planning and are excited for the wedding.

Here is me and a few of my friends that I went to Washington D.C with. We walked soooo much, but we saw all of the monuments and went to all the museums we wanted to! And we also went to a conference, but that definitely wasn't the highlight of the trip. It was also freezing cold!
Here is my family I think at Christmastime. We are living with the Kirkpatricks for the summer, but have had lots of visits so far to my house. Dan is becoming a regular at Thursday night basketball. We visited Ashely and Andrew in Burley one weekend this semester, but are excited to see them over Memorial Day weekend.
Here are some of the Kirkpatrick kids. This was also a picture from Christmas vacation . . . I am kind of a slacker at taking pictures, but hopefully I well have some more coming soon!