Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012 and Other Cute Pictures

 We had a great Halloween!  Holidays are way more fun with little kids. Lucy was the cutest little puppy.  She played the part well, saying "ruff, ruff" on cue.  We went trick or treating at Dan's work, and to the grandparents.  Lucy ended up with a whole bucket full of candy somehow . . . a mixture of her helping herself to the candy bowl, and the generosity of her adoring grandparents:)

 We carved pumpkins last weekend and Lucy refers to the Jack O Lanterns as "pooky", short for spooky.
I don't think she enjoyed our church trunk or treat very much, but she has really enjoyed playing with her candy in her pumpkin bucket.  (Dad does sneak her some candy when Mom isn't looking)

 Lucy at the cold trunk or treat!

 Here are some other cute pictures from the past couple of months (I am a bad blogger, I know)
 I love this picture of 2 reasons: First of all, Lucy has the cutest pigtails ever, second, you can see her adorable front teeth with the big gap in between (I think the gap is quite precious)
 Lucy still prefers to play with her food rather than eat it.  Recently she has decided that she really likes using utensils, and that I am no longer allowed to spoon feed her anything.  She prefers to do it all on her own--which makes quite the mess:)

Lucy can totally pull off the biker look

 Lucy's greatest joy is to empty the entertainment center of all games, DVD's, and books.  She does it everyday, and we pick it up every night after she goes to bed.  I decided it is kind of pointless to clean up her "toys" if she is awake and roaming the apartment.
Besides playing with and adoring Lucy, we have few exciting things to report.  I got a new job working from home!  I have been loving it so far--I get to sleep in as long as Lucy does, then play with her all morning, then work from the couch during her nap.  It is awesome!  Dan is still really liking his job at the cancer center, and is excited about 2 upcoming medical school interviews.  One at Tulane and one at University of Washington.  We are hoping to hear from more soon, and are excited to finally know where in the U.S we will be moving next year!