Friday, June 27, 2008

Dan and I have been in Alexandria Louisiana for the past week. It doesn't have yellow water like Monroe, so we can't complain! We have been working, relaxing, and playing plenty of Monopoly! It is our new favorite game. To be honest I don't think I ever really played the game before two months ago. We bought the game here for $10 dollars and we have probably played 20 to 30 times! Emily Elton, the other reviewer that was with us until this week, played too and she definitely saw the competitive/mean side of Dan and I! I won most of the time, so I really got into the game. We usually make up new rules every time we play, just to keep it exciting. We have now converted the Monopoly board into Sorry, which will work great because our friend Emily went to Texas to start her dietetic internship, so it is just Dan and I from now on!
Before we came to Alexandria we stayed in the little town of Natchitoches for a couple of days. It is the oldest permanent settlement in the whole Louisiana purchase. It had a really cute historic downtown with French style buildings and tons of old homes that have been turned into Bed and Breakfasts. My favorite one was the "Steel Magnolias" bed and breakfast. It is where the movie Steel Magnolias was filmed. I was so excited to see the house because that is one of my favorite movies! We also had some cajun fried meat pies while we were there.
We are excited to be heading to New Orleans next week for the fourth of July! It should be pretty interesting to see the city, even though I've heard it can be a scary place. We will stay in New Orleans for a week and then head to Atlanta Georgia for a week. After that, we will go to Philadelphia for the rest of the summer!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Road Trip!

Well, pretty much the whole summer Dan and I are on a road trip for our job traveling around to a bunch of po-dunk little towns in Louisiana. But, this past weekend we decided to take a little trip to Hot Springs Arkansas. There is an amusement park/waterpark there and one of my favorite country bands Lone Star was performing there on Saturday! And we got in free to the concert if we went to the amusement park during the day! Of course I couldn't pass up this deal, so we went to Arkansas for the weekend. It was really, really pretty. There are so many trees everywhere, you can't even see like 10 feet off the road. Arkansas also has some "mountains" that are actually small hills, but that is better than flat Louisiana! We stayed in this little tourist town that is actually the hometown of Bill Clinton. The park was super fun, the only problem was that we had to wait in line for about an hour for each ride! That stunk, but once we got on the rides, they were super fun. There were upside down, twisty roller coasters and the best water slides I have ever been on. The Lone Star concert was probably the best concert I have ever been to. We luckily got to sit in the sixth row and they played all of the songs that I like of theirs! Even though Dan was dreading the concert, he ended up liking it! I am slowly getting him to like country more and more. Unfortunately my camera was out of batteries, so we didn't get any pictures.
Besides that, we have been staying in the city of Monroe doing our food reviews. Although the people are nicer here than in Shreveport, the city smells like sewage! Not only that, but the water is yellow. There was a sign in the bathroom of our hotel that said "Monroe is known for it's yellow water, but don't worry, it is perfectly safe to drink." However, I found out that every year the people of Monroe get a warning on their door saying that drinking this water for a long time can cause liver disease. Needless to say we bought bottled water! We are traveling around to a bunch of little towns for the next week or so, and are excited to leave the stinky city!