Saturday, August 9, 2008


I just found my cord in the back of my car. We sort of live out of our car, so it gets to be a little messy! Anyways, here are some pictures from DC. I think my favorite thing there was the library of congress. My pictures didn't turn out too well, but it was such a pretty building with statues and paintings all over. Our tour guide called it America's Roman temple. The museums were also amazing, but I didn't take too many pictures inside. The plane is Charles Lindbergh's plane that he flew over the Atlantic ocean with! That was in the Air and Space museum, which was Dan's favorite. In the capitol building there are 100 statues of people that were donated by each state. Do you recognize Brigham Young? We thought that was really cool. We saw so many famous things and the best part of all is that it was all free! You could spend a week there and not get bored. This is definitely my favorite place we have been all summer.

Washinton DC

So, I lost the cord that connects my camera to my computer! I took so many good pictures while we were in Washington DC, and I can't even post them! But we did go to DC last weekend, and it was really really neat. There are so many things to see there--tons of museums and building and monuments. We were only there for two days, but we got to tour the capitol, library of congress, to to three Smithsonian museums, the Holocaust museum, and saw the monuments. It is really nice because all these things are next to each other, but we did do alot of walking! I will have to post pictures if I ever find my cord.