Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

So I have been a slacker at updating my blog because my camera is broken. However, we spent Halloween with Chelsea and Cody, so Chelsea took some cute pictures that she let me borrow. We went to our ward's Trunk or Treat. I have to say our trunk was the coolest! It was a monster mouth and we made the kids reach in his "mouth" to take a piece of candy. Cody has a sub woofer (spelling?) in his trunk and it was beating which made the monster even scarier. The night before halloween our home teacher told us that he had an alligator suit we could borrow. Of course we couldn't turn that down, so I was an alligator and Dan was Steve Irwin the crocodile hunter. After the trunk or treat we went to a party and carved pumpkins and ate treats! It was really fun. I made the witches brew which included a green ice cube hand!


Ashley Wray said...

Oh I'm so proud, updating your blog after almost 3 months, way to go! Love the alligator costume and I think that Dan really looks like Steve Irwin a little bit (I'd need to hear his Aussie accent first) Looks like you had fun and Cody and Chels look pretty hard core, cute trunk!

The Jay Stott Fam said...

So glad for the pictures. How did you make the green hand? We can't wait to see you guys over Thanksgiving!


Luke and Lacee said...

That trunk is pretty awesome, I have no doubt that it was the best one there! Love your costumes, so cute! ~Lacee

Mark and Ash Babcock said...

You guys are soooo cool!!! I wish I would have been there it looks like you guys had tons of fun. It makes me think of the time we were a tooth brush, tooth paste and a dentist. That was one of my favorite Halloweens.