Saturday, August 29, 2009

Virginia Lovin

Dan and I are back in Provo now, but the past six weekends we have been traveling! Needless to say we have been busy, but I wanted to post these pictures of Dan with our three ADORABLE nieces. We got to visit Katy (Dan's sister) and Sean and their girls in Virginia two weekends in a row during our time working in Philadelphia. It was so fun! This first picture is of Dan and Liz dancing at the Floyd country store. Every Friday night a bluegrass band comes to play at this country store and all of the locals come out for some hillbilly dancing. It was quite entertaining! I think we were the only ones there without a southern Virginia accent.

Katy and the girls came up to visit us in Philadelphia for a few days and we saw all of the sites there. We toured independence hall, saw the liberty bell, and spent some time in Amish country. This is the only picture I got of their visit, but I think it is so precious. Little Jane is only two months old and is the cutest baby I have ever seen!
Our second weekend in Virginia we went to a lake just outside Roanoke and played in the water. It was really fun! Dan and Anna attempted to build a sand castle.


Luke and Lacee said...

Wow, you've been traveling 6 weekends in a row! Looks like fun.

Chelsea said...

That pic of Dan with the baby is SOSOOSOOOOO cute!

Ashley Wray said...

First of all, glad you had fun. But second of all, cutest baby you've ever seen? I'm offended, I really am. Have you forgotten the adorableness that is Rylee (a few year ago) and Reese? Obviously we are in need of a visit. Good thing we'll be seeing you this weekend.
Your sister Ashley

Ashley Wray said...

PS-She is really cute though, so I can see how your forgot!

katyn said...

We miss you guys so much! You didn't mention how much Dan LOVES to dance. Don't worry Dan. Next time we see you we'll arrange for another opportunity.