Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby prep!

So I thought I would be a better blogger once I was done with school, but it seems like I am just as busy (or more) now! Working full time, being in Young Womens, and getting ready for a baby to come have kept me pretty busy! Dan has been traveling back and forth to Pennsylvania for work too. I thought I should post an update before our little baby comes, which is 5 weeks away!! Mt sister Ashely is due at the end of September, so we got a belly shot of us together when she was here for my brother' graduation and my baby shower. The pictures below are from my baby shower. My wonderful friends threw me a baby shower and it was a lot of fun! I got lots of adorable presents for our little girl, and I think we are pretty much set for her to come!

My dad even got me a present--a grizzly onesie!
Chelsea, my bestest friend and cousin came all the way from Omaha for my baby shower!!
My dear old friends Ashley and Emily hosted the shower. It was so fun to spend time with them! Emily is due it September too! I swear it is baby season. Pretty much everyone I know is pregnant. I guess our little girl will have lots of friends and cousins to play with!

With Dan out of town I decided to do a little sewing project with my mom. We made my baby's bumper, crib skirt, and valence. Here are the finished products--I think they turned out so cute!

And last, but not least, these are the cute pictures my amazing cousin Chelsea took of me and the little baby after my shower!


eden said...

you are such a cute pregnant lady! (: i'm glad you posted pictures.

congratulations again! i hope everything goes well for these last five weeks. (:

Chelsea and Cody said...

Great post! Finally! O man good job on your are so amazing. 5 weeks. I can't wait to hold her. Love you!

Emilee said...

The crib is so cute and the pictures that Chelsea took are great, those will be so fun for you to have.

Ashley Wray said...

The bedding turned out so cute, I bet it's even cuter in person! Your shower was so fun and little Millie is TOTALLY set. I can't wait to see her, I really think you should come down for the McDanial reunion so I can meet her before she's 5 months old...think about it :)

Amanda Evans said...

How cute!!! Love all the pics - you look fantastic!

Alex said...

congrats katie! you look so great! I finally sent you back an email about the baby stuff. sorry it's so late! Hope it helps!

Amanda said...

I am so happy for you. I am coming to Billings July 19-26. Will you be around?
Amanda Smith