Thursday, March 8, 2012

Since I blogged last . . .

Lucy has-

Started to really grow some hair (mostly on the top and a little on her right side)

Gone Christmas tree hunting
Said good-bye to her Uncle Dallin who left on a mission to the Phillipines

Got extremely spoiled on Christmas

Align Center

Learned all about the IPad from her dad

Started eating solid foods

Played dress up with mom quite a bit

Met her cousin Paxton (I love this picture because it looks like Lucy is pinching Paxton)

Learned to sit up all by herself!

Decided that she hates eating and would rather play with her food

Decided that she LOVES her feet
Isn't she the cutest baby ever!

This is what Lucy looks like most of the time. Her shirt is always drenched with drool and her fuzzy hair is always sticking straight up. She finally got her first tooth after months of drooling and chewing on everything! Oh how we love this little girl!


Tara said...

She's sooo cute!! I'm gonna miss her!!! :)

Stott said...

She's adorable--so glad to see you blog some pictures!

Amanda Evans said...

She is so Adorable! She has gotten so big!

McKenna Heasley said...

She really is just the cutest! We miss her and you guys! We need to get Lucy and Grant together again!

Heather said...

I love these darling pictures of Lucy!!!! And she looks especially fetching in the red and black polka-dot dress. :-) We miss you guys!