Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Looks who is 13 months!

 Since I haven't blogged for so long, here are a few of my favorite pictures of Lucy from this summer

 Crazy hair after bath time! 
 Dad teaching Lucy how to walk
 Looking so cool in her crocs! 
First pig tails! They lasted about 10 minutes.
 Having fun with cousins!

 Happy Brithday Lucy!  She just woke up to find her birthday presents, and was a little sleepy:)
 Lucy loves puppies, so she got a puppy cake--which kind of looked like a bear.
 And of course my picky little eater didn't even eat her chocolate cake.

I can't believe the summer is over and my baby isn't a baby any more!  She is walking everywhere and getting into everything!  She is always babbling and can say dada, mama, baba (bottle), ball, cracker, costco, pup (puppy), duck, rock, and hot.  Those are the intelligible words, but always seems to be saying something.  She is quite the feisty little thing, and we love her so much! 


Ashley Wray said...

So cute, I can't believe she is already one. Love the one with her right out of the bath. And Rylee looks like a crazy sweaty homeless child in that one picture...who are her parents anyways :)

eden said...

she's adorable! and 'costco'?! that's hilarious.

from what i can see she's a good blend of you and dan. such a cutie!

Stott said...

Oh she's soooooo cute!

We love you guys!