Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dan and I had a really fun weekend here, even though I was really sad we couldn't be in Billings with my whole Stott family for the Nugent sealing and my grandma's 80th birthday. Dan and I took a ferry out to see the statue of liberty, and it was really really cool. It is so big and is a breathtaking sight. We didn't get to climb to the top because the tickets to do that were sold out until September!

I loved being out in the water. The New York harbor is so beautiful, I don't think my pictures do any justice. It is just cool to see the sky scrapers right next to the ocean.

After the statue of liberty we took the ferry over to Ellis island. We got a little tour and watched a movie there about the peak immigration years. It was quite a patriotic day and made me really proud to be an American. We really are so blessed to live in this free country!
Here is a picture of ellis island from the ferry. It is a really ornate and beautiful building.
Another picture of lady liberty. A few things I learned about the statue: The full name is "Liberty enlightening the world". Also, did you know that the thickness of the green copper shell on the statue is as thick as two pennies stuck together!
On Friday night Dan and I walked around Times Square a little bit, and I got this picture of the Mary Poppins Marquis. A day care director told us that she can always tell the tourists from the New Yorkers because the tourists are always looking up. I think we stick out as tourists because I am always craning my head up to see the tops of all the buildings!
This isn't the best picture of times square, but I think it is so funny that every time we go there, there are all these people just sitting in lawn chairs in the middle of the road and I really have no idea why.
Me with Morgan Freeman! . . . Acutally it is a statue, but doesn't it look so real! I really thought it was him at first. Dan and I did pass Diane Keaton on the street the other day though! She had a hat on and was trying to look inconspicuous but I totally made eye contact with her. I would have stopped and asked to get a picture with her, but by the time I realized who it was, we had passed her. Well, those were our adventures for the weekend, hopefully more will be coming . . .


Ashley Wray said...

I had no idea Ellis Island was so big or ornate. We do live in a great country and are so blessed. Do you really think Diane Keaton would have stopped for a picture? It looks like you're having fun.

Chelsea said...

So fun! Miss you!

Ashley Wray said...

Hey mom has stolen my identity (I must have not logged out when I left their house!)
We missed you this past weekend, but it looks like you had tons of fun! Love all the big sky scrapers and Ellis Island. How fun to see celebrities! Now your making me jealous! Keep the pics and posts coming!

Em and Bart said...

Wow, that's all I can say, your adventures look SO fun, I can't wait to hear more about them in person! What great pictures!

Chelsea said...

Real mummies, $5 ties and ellis island!!! So much fun!! I am jealous. Looks like your having a blast. You look great! Love and miss ya.