Monday, July 20, 2009

Metropolitan Museum of Art

On Saturday we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We went in expecting to spend maybe two hours, but we ended up staying 7 hours! The place was huge, and had so much really neat stuff besides just paintings.
There were tons of Greek and Roman statues and artifacts. This is a real Roman column.
And these are real mummy coffins from like 3000 BC! They also had all these walls with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.
There was a whole wing of the museum with medieval suits of armor and all sorts of swords and guns from hundreds of years ago. Dan really liked this part!
Here is a picture from outside the museum. Even though I am not a big art fan, I would recommend this museum to anyone going to New York for a visit.
Of course you can't be in New York for too long without being sucked in by at least of few of the street vendors. Usually I am the one who gets lured in by their low prices, but Dan found some nice Italian ties for $5 dollars each! This gave me a good excuse to stop at some purse vendors on our way back to our apartment!


Ashley Wray said...

That looks so fun! I think Andrew would especially love that muesuem, he's a sucker for history type stuff. Love all the fun vendors, did Dan get some neat ties? How about you, any cute purses? If you haven't picked up a souvenir (Spelling?) for me yet, because I know you were planning on it, I'd love a I heart NY shirt or a purse, you pick :)

Chelsea said...

O Fun! did you end up getting a purse then?!

The Jay Stott Fam said...

So sorry I just saw your post. The museum looks cool. I hope you had a great time this week. Hope to talk to you soon. I'm assuming you made it safely to Philly


Amanda said...

I just found your blog on facebook. I read a few of your posts and I am excited that you are having a fun adventure in New York. If I would've known about it earlier, I would've planned a trip to NY. I hope you are both doing well. Have fun!

Amanda said...

I didn't realize that it does not include my last name.
-Amanda Smith

Tiffany said...

Katie!! I miss you so much! I am so glad you are having so much fun and experiencing New York! It looks like you are doing lots of neat things! We are just still in Irvine, so once you get down back east, make sure to plan a trip down to California so we can play together agian at Disneyland! Miss you lots!