Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fun in the City

So Dan and I have been super busy since we got to New York. We have been working quite a bit, and when we aren't working, we have been busy trying to see the city! We spend a lot of time on the subways, and can pretty much find our way around. We are staying in a cute little apartment in the "east village" which is near NYU and is quite the party neighborhood. I feel pretty safe because there are three locked doors you have to go through before you get to our apartment!
We found out that you can get extremely discounted tickets to broadway shows on the day of the show if you have a student ID. So we went and saw Mary Poppins the other night and it was soooo cute. The stage equipment was amazing and the dancing was really fun.

Last week we went and saw South Pacific, and it was really good too! I didn't even know the story before, but I recognized some of the songs and the music was really really good.

Dan and I in the Mary Poppins theater. This is the only picture I have of Dan and I since we got to New York. He absolutely hates taking pictures, so the only way I can get pictures of us is if I ask someone to take the picture without telling him first. Hopefully we will get a few more before we leave the city!

On the 4th of July we went to Coney island and witnessed the national hot dog eating contest at the famous Nathan's hotdogs. The competition was on ESPN, and we could really only see it on the big screen because there was so many people there! The winner ate 68 hotdogs in ten minutes! I ate a hotdog from this stand, and it was pretty dang good.

We also walked along the boardwalk, but didn't feel like shelling out 10 dollars for a ferris wheel ride!

We also went and watched the Macy's fireworks over the Hudson river on the 4th, which were amazing, but we didn't get the best view again because there were so many people! Hopefully we will find some more fun things to this weekend, and I will try to post them sooner!


Chelsea said...

Looks like so much fun! Sorry I have not gotten back to you yet...My days are pretty busy. Hope all is well!!

Ashley Wray said...

Tell Dan to get over his picture taking hating, because we like seeing pictures of the 2 of you! Sounds like you've had fun, I think the hot dog eating contest would be a blast to watch, maybe a little nausea inducing, but fun!

Chelsea said...

Look at you broadway people! FUn!