Sunday, July 5, 2009

Catch Up

Dan sitting and watching the fire

This is my cousin TaNisha coming out of the temple
My mom, sister Ashley, me, and my dad waiting outside the temple for TaNisha

We just finished our first week in New York, but since I haven't posted for a while, I thought that I would catch up on the month of June first. I bummed around a little bit and studied for the RD exam, which I passed last week! Dan worked and finished his spring classes. My mom came down to Utah for about a week for Brooke Hanson's wedding and my cousin TaNisha's wedding. My mom, Parker and I hiked up to Timpanogos caves one day, we went shopping, and helped with both the weddings. My dad and Ashley also came down for a day for my cousin's wedding. After that, Dan had finished his classes, so the two of us decided to bust out our tent and sleeping bags we got for our wedding and go camping for a couple of days. It was really fun and relaxing! We just sat around the fire, read, and fed little chipmunks chips. I wasn't able to catch that on camera though. Then we came back to Provo for a couple of days so I could cram and then take my test, then we went and stayed with Dan's grandparents in Scipio Utah. It is a tiny little town with about 325 people, but we had lots of fun with Dan's grandparents. On our way back we stopped in Manti for the Manti pageant with my Aunt Bethany's family. The pageant was pretty good, but a little cheesy as usual. Then we had one day to clean and pack before we flew to New York!


Ashley Wray said...

Looks like you guys had fun camping, it sounds so nice and relaxing! Can't wait to see some New York pictures!

Chelsea said...

Cute lets see some from the top of the statue of Liberty!